PHOTOTOUR 16.01.2015

The very first lilac crocus I saw this year was, and still is dedicated to my woodcock, aka. Mördbörd, aka. Jennifer, because it was her Birthday that day!
So, happy day for this old lady!
I wish you a year full of success, happy days, colourful cupcakes, less stress (haha), photoshoot days, big puddles to jump in, lots of energy and endurance, not too much bs and pms, lots of pretty snow to freak out and dance outside, icecold fruity smoothies in summer, time for yourself and your hateful looking cat, that you’ll stop writing back to random desperate guys who’ll send „special“ photos, lots of great ideas, self-confidence to the max. and that you’ll always catch the train, the bus, or the tube.

„Today you are you! That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!“
Dr. Seuss.


I’ve had a superduper four hour long phototour (hence the caption) with my friend the woodpecker that day. We strolled through the graveyard around the corner, and it was absolutely awesome. I’ve never had so many good photos at once on my memory card before (after just one single shoot.) Nicht schlecht, Herr Specht. All photos were taken with the Canon EOS 450D and the 60mm lense. No flash, no other tools. Best phototour I’ve had so far, not bad at all! Two months later and I’m still amazed. Sorry for repeating myself. I’ve got ten new photos I’m totally happy with in four wonderful hours. Ten more prints I get to sell in my shop, and ten good photos I had fun editing, what possibly could be better than that ..?


All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

But this tour really was a special one, I didn’t go alone, I’ve had very good conversations with a very, very good friend, so many different shots of so many different flowers, the lightning was great, in general I had such a colourful final outcome on my memory card .. 10/10 !
It’s those little things, I never just suddenly stop walking when I’m on my way home because I noticed some dried up leaves, but on a tour like that, I look at every single thing that crosses my path, and that is why (I say) those photos were and are all so different – which for me, is the best result possible. When I arrived at home again, downloading and converting those photos, I couldn’t wait to start editing them. A night with hot chocolate, microwave popcorn, and a purring cat on my lap. That’s what I call „the best day ever.“

F a n t a s t i c.

Thank you for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse

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