First of all: What a cute name. I like cute names.
This is about the label of a young, talented woman from Germany. Kathrin creates extravagant pieces for photoshoots and/or shows, you can find items for the Gothic, Steampunk, Cyber and Anime scene and overall just won’t be disappointed when you search for fun outfits to wear.

11073476_474082096094272_1819593183_nWhen I looked through Kathrin’s shop, her „Tilda“ series really struck me right away. Another photographer already worked with those pieces and so I thought, like so often, that I wouldn’t stand a chance when asking for a collaboration, because ponyklau already had received great photos of those pieces. But well, as I’ve learned, live is full of surprises and Kathrin kindly sent me three items of her Tilda series. 11056797_474112126091269_131297218_n I was so excited and couldn’t wait to shoot, so I brought the items to two of my already planned shoots and because my models are so easy so work with, we had good results after those two spontaneous shoots. Jonas looked so awesome with that massive, black collar and the skeleton Make-Up on the first day, and Kamil was rocking the pvc fishnet shirt plus matching headpiece on the second day. Kamil was styled by Lisa, you can find her on facebook when searching for „Lisa Allertseder prof. Make-Up Artist & Fashion Stylist“, and it was Jennifer who turned Jonas into a living masterpiece on our first shooting day at the graveyard. Just right on Halloween, great timing!

I was able to send the items back to Kathrin after a very short time and was pleased with the results. We had great weather, Make-Up and outfits were amazeballs, for November, it wasn’t too cold and the designer is also happy with the results. Well done, team!


All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

Thanks to Jennifer, Lisa, Jonas and Kamil, and of course ponyklau!

And thank you for reading! ( :

– Woodmouse

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