LAKE CHIEM 07.09.2014

Just got a message today that said I should have a look at the website stern.view and I’m very happy about this! Otherwise I would have been too late to take this screenshot! This photo by me was taken last year in September, when the model, (Kerstin) her sister Sandra (my early bird) and my woodcock aka. Jennifer went on a nice trip to lake Chiem. Well, Jenny and I hopped on the train, the other two lived there on location, how comfortable. (& What a pretty place to live!)


All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

We didn’t shoot at the lake (at first), but in the swamp near the lake. Yeah you’ve heard right, in the middle of a swamp. But a beautiful swamp, with lovely, purple, flowery things. I thought that Kerstin’s hair colour looked so pretty between those flowers and needed to take some portraits. And because stern.view liked this photo too, (which I’m proud of, I allow myself to say that) I thought I make a little blogpost about this exact day.

15228867106_8bf227bd27_bI like train trips, I really do. But when you’ve got a mother plus teenage daughter sitting besides you, complaining about every other passenger within reach (the sneaky kind of person, smiling at you but at the same time thinking of a way to murder you) my usual happy, exciting, anticipating train trip mood can modify to a .. not so nice train trip mood.

We originally had planned to do something with mirrors, but as so often, did everything else but use the main prop. Poor Jenny had to carry one, rather 15032856137_9015a6b591_bnlarge mirror across country, but we were able to leave it at Kerstin’s house and we’ll use that and a second one soon! So didn’t matter, in the end there where photos of models laying between heather on my memory card, we also had some kind of „creative native“ action with awesome, feathery headpieces I brought. What you can’t see, is that this whole ground was very, very wet and bouncy. But no one complained. One word: Professionals. Just laid down on the ground without having me rush for plastic bags and stuff .. We should all get a pair of wellies though for next time!

15508317819_e399093cbd_bAnd the best thing last: We had ice cream! After that, we still quickly went to lake Chiem just to „check out the location“ for a possible next photoshoot, (which, I have to admit in shame, didn’t happen yet ..) before hurrying back to the train station. In general, there was too much sunshine for my taste and definitely too many mosquitos! But I’m looking forward to next month, then we’ll be there again for a shoot I had in mind for a long, long time. Off to the swamp! .. „Raus aus meinem Sumpf!“

I’ll finally be able to tick off this „mirror“ theme on my list. We’ll shoot at the same location, just with a couple of other models. Jenny and Kamil are on board, also Kerstin again, and a new female model. I know that it won’t be an easy photoshoot, so let’s hope that at least the weather will play along!

Sandra joined us on our way home back to Munich, before flying back to the UK the next day.
Gorgeous face, woodcock. Peace.

Thanks so much for that day. ♥

And thank you for reading.

– Woodmouse

3 Gedanken zu “LAKE CHIEM 07.09.2014

  1. I just love reading your blog post on photo shoots! We often don’t think about the challenges involved in getting great shots. Just the journey there alone requires quite a bit of planning, and then there are all the little problems which pop up once you do finally reach the location. I can only imagine how difficult it is for the models to come up with various poses which fit in with the theme and scenery. Photo shoots really are a series of problem solving! But it sounds like the results were worth it, and that, overall, you had an amazing time shooting at Lake Chiem!

    Gefällt mir

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