8A collaboration that took place last year in November. A very successful month, now that I think about it .. A lot of collabs. And this one really was a fun one, we had three models on set, and responsible for Make-Up and Hair was Jennifer. Beta Mens Wear, (of course you can find their shop on Etsy, and also on Asos!) sells authentic vintage men’s clothing. That didn’t narrow our ideas though, and so we dressed our female model Janine with those clothes too. It was freezing cold and all of the models were glad that they didn’t had to model swimsuits that day. But they were really shivering, at this point: Thank you very much for suffering!
Much appreciated.

We met in Subway at the train staion, where Jenny styled them all up for about an hour. We didn’t know that we would miss the warmth of that little place as soon as we went up the escalator. So with everyone being ready, we went up to the Gasteig in Munich and walked through one of many, smaller sideroads to a little church. Kenny, one of my awesome models rocked that very colourful shirt plus the white cardigan – which Jenny then bought after the shoot. Kenny really is an awesome dude, so easy to work with, offers so many poses and just does his job very, very good. Hope I’ll be able to work with him a lot more in the future. Beate and Raiti from Latvia, the owners of BetaMensWear loved the photos, which of course makes me happy too. The weather was far away from perfect, very difficult „lightning“ but we made the best out of it. From one outfit to the next – luckily that church was open and at least Janine took the chance and changed clothes inside the warm bathroom. Smart girl! And such a sweety, I need to work a lot more with her!

Jonas forced himself into a beautiful blue pullover, which was quite small, but hey .. The smaller the shirt, the more muscles one can show, right? He looks gorgeous anyway, like always.

15342533023_a6d509c800_cAll photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

I should do shoots like this more often, I feel like it’s a good way to practise. Using pretty normal clothing, like sweaters and shirts which are made for daily life, and then just wandering around Munich, finding nice looking doors, gates, other little churches and maybe even open backyards ..

Just normal posing, creating photos for everyday life. Didn’t sound like it, but that really was a challenge for me, I have to say. With extravagant outfits we need extravagant poses. But what to do when you’re dressed completely normal? I’d really like to try that more often, that was the hardest part for me.

In the end, like I mentioned before, Jenny decided to buy the white cardigan, my granddad loves his new purple and blue checkered cotton shirt, and my dad is the owner of a new, light brown pullover for the upcoming winter. I got sent six pieces of clothing and sent three back. Good deal, I guess.
Who would have thought.

Jenny, Jonas, Kenny and Janine, JJJ&K, thanks so much for that day! 15747314710_c93beda034_k
Beta Mens Wear, thank you so much for your trust.

And thank you for reading! ( :

– Woodmouse

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