I can’t decide after only one shoot weather I like indoor Canvas or I don’t. Oh, first you should know that „Canvas“ is the name for the shoots where the models put stuff on their faces. To make it really simple. Your – Face – Is – Your – Canvas. This could include watercolours, aluminium foil, glitter, fake eyelashes, coconut flakes, cocoa powder, pomegranate, huckleberries, oh I could write down a whole list. Maybe I’ll do a seperate blogpost about my usual Canvas-Shoots. 11079158_476070149228800_753927316_n

But this post is about my first indoor Canvas-Shoot. I bought myself a very cheap headlight, for about € 25,00. I really wouldn’t have guessed it to turn out this way. Pretty good! Jana and Jenny were my lucky guinea pigs, thanks so much for that.

The set was as simple as could be. A white kitchen wall as backround and this headlight. Done. The model is seated on the ground and can be photographed to (approximately) her waist, but mostly the focus is on head and shoulders.

I love to experiment with a few new techniques in photoshop, but in the end I just decided on a bit of grain. I really love this photo of Jen. I wanted to pick up the „snow“ theme once more, because my first favourite photo of her was taken at a Canvas-Shoot a few years ago where she blew coconut flakes on her hands towards the camera lense. Blogpost coming!


Of course those photos are far from perfect, and I really do need to practise on those indoor shoots, but for my very first try I’m truly happy about the results. My tomcat enslaves every human being that comes into my apartment. This person will then have the great privilege to pet Paul all day long to ensure he won’t mind the models claiming his prime spot on the kitchen floor. And he sure doesn’t mind working as a part-time model too.

16221226072_931c8069c1_bJana brought a pomegranate, I already worked with this delicious thing a few years ago. But back then the model was lying down on the floor, that wasn’t possible with this shoot. Not yet. I really miss my balcony, I wouldn’t trade my current apartment with the little one room apartment and loud aggressive neighbours I had before, but having a balcony was so great for Canvas shoots. The model just sat on the floor, behind her the white wall of the balcony. The model would sit outside and we’d have awesome sunlight from above. Or the model could lie down and we would just put a piece of cardboard in black or white behind her head.

All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.


Anyway, for my very first indoor shoot with artificial light, I can’t complain. I do like the results, but of course I have to work on the lighting. Maybe I’ll even get a second one of those headlights, then we’ll be able to play and try out more. I’m really looking forward to more shoots, maybe with a few headpieces, heavy Make-Up, something to create a little scene or story.
This way I’m positive I’ll keep loving Canvas-Shoots in the future.

Thank you two for being my guinea pigs!

And thank you for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse

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