9105618289_ee384dc96f_bA random blogpost about a nice day two years ago. I looked through all of my photos and had a nice feeling when thinking back to this day, so I wanted to tell you a bit about it. I met up with Isabell, Kate and Hany in the middle of Munich, at the Karlsplatz. There’s a very big fountain and all three of them were so brave and just ran through it, twirled and danced while so many people and tourists were standing around, also taking photos. You can find Hany’s facebook page when you search for: Hany Phan. It was a warm day and it didn’t take long to dry the girls‘ hair and clothes. Thanks so much for this dedication.

You don’t have to call me a professional, but I do know when to snap a photo, I’ve at least got a cup full of capacity of reaction. *Snap* But Hany is a total pro, if you’d like to shoot with a reliable model who’s able to act out any character you want, go and ask her.


Isabell and I went on while Hany had another upcoming shoot, and Kate went home. We walked through the city and stopped at every little place that could look nice on a photo. So basically Isabell was wearing her ballett shoes the whole day. It actually was also the first day on which she wore those shoes. I know, you shouldn’t do that without having practised before, but she’s just a total pro too. She was walking and moving like she was born in those shoes. During a little brake we had some Brrratwurst, Isabell changed her Make-Up, we listened to Jack Johnson while sitting on the steps of the National Theater .. Sunny day, not too hot, absolutely great.


Though it took us the whole day, we were relaxed until the end and Isabell was so easy to work with. So many poses, so many places, she climbed up on lanterns and statues, danced around at big places where many people were watching and I was absolutely pleased with the results. From Stachus to Marienplatz, to Odeonsplatz and Hofgarten, successful day!

All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

And thank you for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse


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