My goal: When I’m finished and on my way back home, I’d like to have the feeling that I at least got three (in my opinion) good shots on my memory card. If that’s not the case, it wasn’t a successful tour, for me personally. But let’s start at the beginning. The first thing that has to be done before going on an (hopefully) awesome tour, is to get something sweet to eat from a bakery. And because I live in the middle of Munich, there really isn’t a lack of bakeries. Good thing. So, meeting 11074531_474082572760891_219846674_n up with my phototour buddy Mr. Woodpecker, and then heading to the nearest bakery. Packed with one .. or more pastires, you also get either orange juice, chocolate milk or iced (vanilla) coffee, which most bakeries also sell. I mostly decide on a poppy pastry, simply because I developed some sort of obession with poppy. Wow, so important. Anyway, then you’re ready to go. Wait, are you going alone? Then you mustn’t forget you MP3 player, iPod, mobile or any other devise which stores your audio books! It’s not possible to get fully relaxed without listening to an exciting new, or old and much loved story. Another important thing to me is to have headphones that don’t fall of my head when I crouch down for snapping a photo, and I crouch down every five meters. So despite the fact that I got proper, „better quality headphones“ (like over € 20,00) which I like very much, I always use very cheap € 1,00 in-ear headphones. One time I got so annoyed because of this huuuge peace-braking issue that I went home again without one good shot. Nah ah, not again! Besides audio books, when I know that I’ll have an appointment that day and can’t go out without having time pressure, (and time pressure kills the mood) I like to listen to music, very quiet and relaxing music. Mixed with One Republic! So for example: Sea Wolf, Jack Johnson, David Choi, Guster, Isbells, Royal Teeth, Baskin, The Weepies, Marble Sounds, Few Bits, Dillon, The Lumineers, Jonathan Boulet, Bibio, Paper Lions .. Just to name a few. Slowly strolling around, don’t missing anything that could look nice on a photo, be it a flower, a stone, a leaf, a bird when you’re lucky, doesn’t matter. We had great weather, which is: Sunshine, but a sky with loads of clouds, we had yummi things to eat, enough to drink, and I even had to have a toilet brake, because we went on for so long, never happened before. (Too much information.)

flflflflAll photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

I have to mention that I live near a massive graveyard, I love this place to pieces. And I just need to walk through it to arrive at another lovely area, where there’s a train station and lots of little paths which lead through teeny tiny forests. And then I’m able to walk a little further and further until there are fields and more trees. And I could walk even further to arrive at another graveyard.
I really can’t complain about a lack of locations. 13495558235_571e9e9525_k

A phototour always makes me happy, I feel relaxed and I can collect some new nature photos. Sometimes it’s a bit hard to keep listening to an audio book or music, because my thoughts are just racing too fast. It happened often before that I find myself listening to a story for about an hour, and then realising that I didn’t even understood anything that happened in the story. So it takes me more than a few weeks to finally finish a story. But usually the longer I walk on, the better it gets.

If the weater will play along, I’ll have a photoshoot on the upcoming saturday in a forest I love very much, and I’ll use little brakes for taking some macro shots. Very looking forward to it.

Thank you for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse

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