Aka. Sandra and Hany, two very different looking sweethearts but equally artistic and gorgeous. I had the pleasure to spend two days with both of them in June 2014. Sandra landed in Munich at the 5th of June and Hany and I immediately picked her up at the airport for starting the first day of photoshoots. Not going to waste any time! 14171353477_282098acbf_k
I met Sandra in 2010, Hany in 2012, so I knew both of them for a while and felt like those shoots were so relaxed and special because they’re friends, not only models. A very welcome compensation. Anyway, we all got in Hany’s car, plus Hany’s daugher Myha. Sandra and Myha immediately befriended each other and ‚played‘ with a doll. The same game over and over and over again until Myha got picked up in Munich and the three of us went on to a destination we very slowly decided on while driving. Off to the Westpark!

The weather was just perfect, we had suitcases (literally) full of clothes and it wasn’t too crowded for a midweek day. Hany also took the job of the non-existent make-up artist very seriously and styled Sandra and herself. I truly love every single little set we had worked on that day. Do 14360712991_dbed114db1_kyou notice the little hidden heart in the fifth photo? The black and white one where Sandra is walking towards the camera. I just saw it first when editing. From pink flowers to white flowers, from new dresses to .. no dresses. Doesn’t matter what season it is, I always love this park the same way, there’s always a beautiful spot. Of course though, summer still is the most beautiful time for having a photoshoot there, because of all the flowers. And sometimes you even see tiny rabbits racing up the hills.


All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

After a couple of hours we still had a lot of clothes to model, the sun was also still shining beautifully and so my two girls didn’t mind shooting at another location. So we packed up and went to my second home, the Golden Angel in Munich. 14219978088_25062fb81a_k

When I sent Sandra and Hany to stand by a lantern up on a banister, a bystander with camera came down the steps and asked me if he could take photos of both models too. ‚You had to be there.‘ It was just weird when I was taking photos, both models suddenly trying to look at both cameras, very unsynchronized. I had to turn my head and laugh silently, which made Sandra turn her head around for hiding her face too – I hope this man at least got one nice photo of them. It really would be interesting to look at the photos he took that day!

PicMonkey Collageö

And nooo, we still hadn’t finished after that! We went up the staircase to get to Hany’s car, when I noticed a (to me) pretty looking fence. No hesitation, both of them changed into the last outfits and posed in front of a fence. How great. What you 14363168334_130f6cfae5_kcan’t see, is that there sometimes were some great whiffs of stench flying around, I can’t even start to explain .. Vile, vile whiffs. Ugh. I’m so glad I kept the outtakes from that day, those photos always make me smile, I even had them printed, they’re stuck to one of my doors in my apartment. Had to be done. I also have a little video clip of how those two jumped up in the air together, but I guess at least one of them would hit me when I’d upload it.

It was overall an awesome day and I enjoyed it very much! ♥

The next day we also met before noon at our meeting spot, the train station. The only difference: It was hot like hell. Oh my god, we started our day very slowly, didn’t talk very much, basically just ate some breakfast (thanks again for the strawberry cupcakes!) while Sandra and Hany changed into their oufits and did their make-up. What a difference a few hours can make.

PicMonkey Collhage

But they were great as always, changing outfits and make-up twice, we went from one end to the other, around the National Museum and shot at different spots, it became hotter and hotter – but still we all didn’t complain until I gave up after a good one and a half hours and we very slowly dragged ourselves back to Hany’s car. Which had turned into a motor-operated oven. 14685266492_ad376d60d1_k

Thank you so much for two very creative days, I even enjoyed the heat to some extend at the second day, just because you were so cooperative. xoxo

And thank you for reading! ( :

– Woodmouse

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