A photoshoot that took place not long ago, at the end of February. My dearest Kamil wanted to try out something for a photoshoot including pink tulips, so he brought some to the set, along with a couple of fake butterflies. Jenny, like always, did an amazing job with hair and make-up, even though the pink hair chalks didn’t really stay visible in Kamil’s hair after he brushed it for thirty minutes. Anyway, it was a freezing cold day 11073753_474111929424622_1737950620_nand so we met, like so often, at the Botanical Garden in Munich. Another rather unlucky day, because those rooms inside were again filled with people and we had to pay a bit more than usual. Didn’t matter, regarding the results. Unknowing that Kamil sat behind me in the tram we then greeted each other when getting out and met our third party member in the little bathroom for handicapped people, our super secret high class meeting spot. A place where nobody disturbs neither model nor make-up artist besides some little children that try to slide open the heavy door from time to time. (No, we didn’t occupy this place for actual handicapped people, don’t worry.)
After Kamil was all styled and ready to go, we didn’t even bother to look for a deserted place to shoot, so we directly went outside where icecold wind blew at our faces and followed us.

PicMonkey Collage

All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

When walking around outside through snow and slush, we noticed with much joy (not) that every single little place that would look great on a photo as a backround was closed off. Well .. So we first used a stone on which Kamil sat down, posing with a pink butterfly. The result I’m talking about is the third photo on the collage. He just looks awesome all the time and poses different every second. What a pro. And then I really wanted to have a wooden, black door as a backround. And for what having a sneaky assistant, my very own little Miss Woodcock? For unlocking the closed off area by removing a simple metal chain. Kamil and I went up a few steps, where he then posed in front of this door, again with a butterfly, looking gorgeous. When we heard some weird sound from above our heads, we casually walked back down again those few feet and went away like nothing happened. Until then Kamil’s tulips weren’t used yet and so we went inside again one more time where Kamil laid down on the floor with the tulips around his head, me standing on a stone above him. Looks really dreamy, I think.

Thank you two so much for not letting me do stupid *cough* illegal *cough* things alone. ♥
And thanks for being so professional! (Ha, wrong time for saying that)
I love you two sweethearts, thanks so much! 


And thank you for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse

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