No, not really underground, but under an old train staion. I’ve been there a couple of times in the past, but unlike other places, this location (to me) got boring. Plus they’re always some other photographers with their models, and those looks they give each other kill the mood. If looks could talk. „What are you doing here, I’m the professional one at this location ..“ The last time I’ve been there was with Johanna for a Halloween phoshoot in October 2013. It’s usually pretty hard to take photos down there, because of the lack of natural lighting. But it was a sunny day and we had a fun little zombie party without caring about some comments we got from another team ..
„Macht ihr Voodoo?“

PicMonkey Collageö

We met in front of a shopping center where Johanna had bought a doll for kids before we 10411015334_9c48edddde_kwent on to the location. Also, she did such a great job with doing her make-up all alone, and she put in some completely black contacts so I couldn’t look her in the eyes anymore without getting creeped out. We used coloured smoke, Johanna picked up and dragged some scrap towards the camera in full zombie gear, blew up a lilo and put a white sheet on it where she laid down between some bushes after smearing fake blood on her face .. I especially like how the smoke made those single sunbeams on the second photo more visible. In the end she burned that poor doll which stank like something vile coming straight from hell. We basically just had a really productive day down there!

It’s been a while since my last photoshoot with Johanna, (almost a year) she’s pretty busy, though I hope she might find a free day for new photos sometime soon again. Verlass.

Thank you for reading! ( :

– Woodmouse

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