I had high hopes for my second try. Organising a teamshoot again was very stressful, more than the first time, and it lasted until everyone was on set. Thirty minutes late. So I really can’t explain to you why I’m doing it for a third time this year. One simple rule I should shout out before anyone has the opportunity to accept an invitation: If you don’t really want to be there – don’t show up. I guess that with this announcement AND for the first time demanding € 20,00 for photos, editing, time, food ect. there is a chance that I might have the location to myself in June this year. It’s such a dilemma every time. I love bringing people (in this case my models) together, for new ones to meet the older ones, to have a relaxed day together at a nice place, being creative, taking photos, eating, maybe even planning future shoots. And on the other hand I feel depressed and exhausted. „Just“ because I feel like I was left out. I’d like to have a good time too, you know ..

I give away free time, I take more than 1000 photos on such a day, I bring food, I bring clothes, Make-Up and props, I edit those photos for more than ten nights .. Please don’t tell me that I’m not in the position to ask for a little something back. It’s not an materialistic thing. It’s punctuality and co-operation.

Please let me explain to you once more my personal understanding of a teamshoot, maybe you didn’t read my blogpost about my first teamshoot in 2013. The actual spirit of a “teamshoot” I would have loved, softly stroked my 14126994849_348a57b98a_k face during one of the very last minutes of this shoot. A little snapshot I took from four of my models, snapping a photo for facebook, instagram or whatever .. I felt like they truly had a bearable time, maybe even a good time. They were all smiling, some still wearing their outfits and big headpieces. And this was and still is my absolute utmost, most important goal for a teamshoot: making sure that everyone present has a good time. Sadly sometimes, well, let’s be honest, I often don’t have the feeling that people see the effort someone puts into the planning of such a big photoshoot, so that everyone can have a good time without me being depressed. And I’m so selfish that I myself would like to have a good time too. There are so many photographers, good photographers who give away they work for free, I feel like the value of such a photoshoot (which would cost one model up to € 800,00 a day, let’s be real) can’t be seen by a hobby-model, because they know that a lot of people also do this for free. Can’t be such an effort then, right? Sadly wrong.
I had the feeling that I somehow forced them to join this shoot, because of the lack of reliability I got back. Of course I didn’t. All of them joined this shoot voluntarily, some accepted the invitation pretty early, some pretty late. Like “if nothing better comes my way, I’ll be there.”
That’s really hurtful, I’m just going to say it.

PicMonkey Collages

All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

Again I had prepared food, cut vegetables, offered bread, dips, spread, chocolate pudding with cookies, rice pudding with berries .. I bought a lot of outfits too. I provided Make-Up.

Thanks again to Hany, (on facebook: Hany Phan) Johanna, (on facebook: Johanna Fischer), Jana and Sabrina, who made themselves flower crowns on location by scratch! Looked so beautiful.

The dilemma was that most of those models already knew each other, because of my shoots. From time to time there was a minute which was filled with great fun and laughter, and that (foolishly) let me ‚forget‘ the trouble I had for months. It’s not that I was depressed the whole day, I was not! But when I was at home again, starting to download and convert the photos, preparing them for nights of editing, I had a bad feeling. Almost like I was being exploited, you could say. People didn’t care if they were on time or not. They didn’t care months and weeks before to let me know if they were interested. They didn’t bring food, they didn’t ask to help. Just like always „collecting free photos“, doesn’t matter who takes them, „never look a gift horse in the mouth.“ Sounds really stupid in English, wow.
Am I asking too much? Maybe I truly am.

Maybe my perfect imagination of a teamshoot can only be fulfilled when those team members are friends, not only models. Crunchpoint. But it’s so hard to call people ‚models‘ when you partly see them more often than your actual friends. And I don’t want to „use“ my friends for photoshoots.

What I absolutely need to understand: A team is filled with people who understand the work you put in those things you do. A team is filled with people who don’t mind hanging out with other people for a day at a nice place, being 14138117728_0002bcf549_k there on time, chilling, taking photos, eating snacks .. People who don’t see this thing as a waste of time. Maybe a team, my team can’t be filled with more than five people. Maybe there’ll be another, new person who comes along in the future who’d love to join my team. Maybe it is me who decides who’ll join my team.
Let’s see how it’ll work out.

Thank you for reading.

– Woodmouse

(Sidenote: You don’t see people on those photos posted whom I call unreliable.)

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