I could start this by telling you about how I (again) waited for a brand new model at the location for 45 minutes and how she didn’t show up. Like I wrote her via Whats App in the morning that I would leave my apartment right now and she should please call me or write a text message if anything should occure during lklkthe next hour. (Because I don’t have access to WhatsApp when I’m outside my apartment. And I don’t plan to change that.) And I could tell you about how I (again) wasted time for nothing, waiting. I was sooo lucky though that my good spirit Jennifer was on her way too, (for doing the Make-Up of that person who didn’t care to show up) so I didn’t stand there alone, being grumpy and in disbelief. Like so many times before.

However, we waited for about 45 minutes while doing some testshots, still had a tiny bit of hope left that this person „just“ would be late. Nah, didn’t show up and popo didn’t pick up the phone. Of course. While slurping vanilla and strawberry milkshakes, we went to my parents‘ home. This issue fortunately didn’t last long in my mind, I guess I’m so much used to it that it doesn’t really bother me anymore. Keep calm and carry on. Plus, Jenny’s got a positive, glittery narwhal aura AND the weather was lovely, blossoms in every colour on every corner, not too hot. A light breeze .. I took some photos of her standing under a beautiful tree, and then she sat on a blue, big noodle, became one with a bush and finally we agreed to get something to eat.

Best thing. So we walked around town searching for a good and cheap „restaurant“. We found one pretty fast and sat down in a saloon inspired attic with a lovely waitress. Fries! Fries are a proper solution for many things.
But not only fries.


I felt like rolling home after that wild west session.
I didn’t think about how I (we) wasted time waiting for someone, because it simply wasn’t wasted time. Good weather, nice snapshots, food.
Miss Mörd, I think we need to make this place our crackerbarrel.
They’ve got fries, a toilet, and a .. unique waitress.
And big windows to open when .. You know. Die Wurst war’s.

2 Gedanken zu “DIE WURST WAR’S

  1. Fries make the world a better place. 😛
    It’s good to see that you can make the best out of a „bad“ situation. Can’t understand why people act this way…

    But just keep going on! Love your photographs! ❤

    Gefällt mir

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