New month – (best month I think, not too cold and not too hot), new model – (beautiful model! Inside and out.) I was really looking forward to take photos of this face you see below, I’m in love with her. I met my fabulous narwhal Jennifer and this new, gorgeous lady at the westpark in 45 Munich. Thanks to the subway I was twenty minutes late, which never happened before. I already left my apartment thirty minutes before I actually had to leave and was still late. Oh god. My nemesis, people not being on time. However, I told Jenny and Natalie to please order something to drink at the restaurant while waiting for me, maybe already starting the make-up procedure with perfectionist Jennifer. There’s a very nice cleaning lady in that restaurant, she said „God bless you“ when I left her € 1,00 and seemed utterly happy.
Our waiter was also very nice and friendly. Good start!

17357656642_0ea8870b46_c We started with a bright and light topic, meaning white clothes, a flowery headband and standing between blooming bushes. At this point there was a little drizzle, but we managed just fine. You can’t see it on this photo, but Natalie wore a necklace Jenny brought with her, I can’t remember the name though .. A darn expensive necklace.
This topic was done after about thirty minutes. Natalie changed her clothes to the total opposite, all in black, with a feathery collar I brought. I can’t tell you how  often this thing was already used by different models during those past years.

#nat.testWell, it’s pretty and fits to darker scenes. Red hair, black clothing, awesome poses, I’m so in love. And those photos you see here are just the first test results. When Jenny and Natalie were working on the second look, I couldn’t help myself but having a photoshoot with snails of all shapes and sizes. I still don’t like touching them, but they were so friendly and cooperative, and slowly but steady performed a good snailwalk for me to take photos of, so I luckily didn’t have to move them myself.

All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

It’s time again for phototours with lots of snails and snail shells. I’m so looking forward to it! And I also look forward to the next photoshoot with Natalie, I hope lll we’ll be able to plan a new date soon. And then we’ll be off to the forest!

Thank you two very much for this day! We rocked it, despite rainy weather.

And thank you for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse

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