PicMonkey Collage3

May is the perfect month (also September) for going on phototours and having shoots with pretty snails and empty snail shells. I love going out right after it stopped raining, then they’re all wide awake and on slow tours from their hiding 800spot to the nearest tree stem or bush. I really don’t like touching them, but when
there’s a little family crawling across a busy sidewalk I just have to pick all of them up by their shells and rescue them. If there wasn’t any rain, they’re all asleep on leaves and hide in bushes, but (without the intention to brag) I aquired the possibility to find even the greatest masters of disguise during those past years. I hardly found any of my most loved ones with darker shell, the ones who kind of look like they’ve got tiger stripes on their shells, but yellow and red ones are also pretty. PicMonkey Collage2

All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

All of those photos were taken at different locations, starting at the westpark in Munich, then at different graveyards near my apartment and on the way to those locations, just around the corner, you can find them anywhere. You just have to open your eyes and notice your environment. A twig with leaves doesn’t sound like something exciting, but when you just stand there for a moment an look, more and more snail shells will pop up. You need to have time, you need to want to have time for something like this.

8kAccompanied by a photobuddy or good quiet music. Sea Wolf, The Weepies, Guster, Bibio, Jack Johnson, such a great combo. I often switch to audio books also, if it’s going to be a very long tour. The weather is changing a lot during only two or three hours, from sunny to rainy, to cloudy and back. Doesn’t matter, you’re absolutely relaxed and nothing could disturb you. It’s like having that „personal bubble space“ people are talking about for real around your body, floating and protecting you while you go.

I’m thinking about offering a couple of new prints in my store, but I’m not sure yet. I’d like to edit those photos again and then decide, maybe. I don’t want to 88 just put „content“ out there, I want to love every single print and should like to buy it myself. I’m just absolutely not sure about prints showing snails and snail shells. Alright, enough with snails and snail shells for today, it’s way too late, or too early, depends on how you see it. Have a good night, and thank you for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse

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