Just months after our first collaboration, it was time again for another one! Rai wrote to me and asked if she could send me three brand new outfits, and of course it didn’t take me a minute to think about it. All outfits are so different and yet you can see that they were all designed by the same one creative mind, namely by Rai Keodara and her label Ventriloquist Court for Lady of Tea Couture, based in Australia.
Rai designed them especially for my models, Vanessa, Arianna and Jana.

#ar.vent. We started at my teamshoot on June 6th in the forest. The weather played along (too much), after we arrived at our spot in the forest, after dragging all our equipment through thorns and bushes, we almost literally dropped dead to the ground because of the heat. It really was painful, we all got sunburned and stung by creatures, but that’s just how it goes with shoots in the woods in summer.

But they all kept going until the end, doing a great job, changing outfits as much as needed, and so I’d call it a successfull day. Arianna and Kenny looked like a couple working with a circus, and Sandra and Kamil looked like an Amish couple. Ah, we had fun. I originally wanted to play around a lot more with props and stuff, but this heat .. Just standing there, posing, was a lot of work and enough for all of us on this day.


All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

So as I said, on those photos you see my models Arianna and Kenny, and Sandra and Kamil. Arianna and Sandra are wearing two outfits by Ventriloquist Court, they are available to buy in her shop on Etsy! Responsible for hair and make-up was Jennifer, as always, and did the best job possible. They all looked gorgeous. While trying out different techniques with my camera and even more lighting (reflector) I remembered why I have issues with photoshoots in the middle of the summer, not only because of heat, but because of the lighting and I always feel like I don’t really have my camera under complete control. But I think those first results aren’t too bad. Good thing that those outfits stand out so much and are so unique!
I couldn’t wait to work on the next shoot!

#sa.ventr.01 And the next shoot followed only two days later, on monday in Munich, in the middle of the city. Sandra and I met at the location, took a few shots at one spot, then at another one, at another one, just hopping around the place from corner to corner. It wasn’t as hot as on saturday, there was a light breeze and even a couple of raindrops, but the lighting was good enough. And even without a Make-Up Artist Sandra, as always, dressed herself up just fine and after only two and something hours, we called it a wrap.

The third shoot followed the next saturday, the 13th of June, again in the woods, but my favourite forest.
So I thought, when walking down the path with Jennifer,
#lour model Natalie, and my grandpa. But the location we usually use for photoshoots was sadly not the same anymore. A lot of trees were missing, orange circles painted around a lot of the ones which were still there, it just didn’t look as magical as it used to be. But Natalie wanted to use coloured smoke for our shoot and brought five different colours, so luckily this awesome prop covered up a lot of the surroundings.

I love working with Jenny and Natalie as a group, everyone’s relaxed and I don’t feel the slightest bit of pressure. Nina wore the outfit which was actually designed for Vanessa, but sadly the sleeves of the jacket turned out a bit too tight. Rai was using a beautiful black cotton velveteen fabric which can’t be streched, but I think it looked so gorgeous on Natalie. I’m guessing that the next shoot with Rai’s outfits will be in August with my model Nina, maybe there’ll be another one in July, but I’m not sure about that yet.

Thanks to Rai and her label Ventriloquist Court,
thanks to my models for doing a great job, also thanks to Jennifer for doing an awesome job with the hair and make-up.

And thank you for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse

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