I could start this by telling you about how I (again) waited for a brand new model at the location for 45 minutes and how she didn’t show up. Like I wrote her via Whats App in the morning that I would leave my apartment right now and she should please call me or write a text message if anything should occure during lklkthe next hour. (Because I don’t have access to WhatsApp when I’m outside my apartment. And I don’t plan to change that.) And I could tell you about how I (again) wasted time for nothing, waiting. I was sooo lucky though that my good spirit Jennifer was on her way too, (for doing the Make-Up of that person who didn’t care to show up) so I didn’t stand there alone, being grumpy and in disbelief. Like so many times before.

However, we waited for about 45 minutes while doing some testshots, still had a tiny bit of hope left that this person „just“ would be late. Nah, didn’t show up and popo didn’t pick up the phone. Of course. While slurping vanilla and strawberry milkshakes, we went to my parents‘ home. This issue fortunately didn’t last long in my mind, I guess I’m so much used to it that it doesn’t really bother me anymore. Keep calm and carry on. Plus, Jenny’s got a positive, glittery narwhal aura AND the weather was lovely, blossoms in every colour on every corner, not too hot. A light breeze .. I took some photos of her standing under a beautiful tree, and then she sat on a blue, big noodle, became one with a bush and finally we agreed to get something to eat.

Best thing. So we walked around town searching for a good and cheap „restaurant“. We found one pretty fast and sat down in a saloon inspired attic with a lovely waitress. Fries! Fries are a proper solution for many things.
But not only fries.


I felt like rolling home after that wild west session.
I didn’t think about how I (we) wasted time waiting for someone, because it simply wasn’t wasted time. Good weather, nice snapshots, food.
Miss Mörd, I think we need to make this place our crackerbarrel.
They’ve got fries, a toilet, and a .. unique waitress.
And big windows to open when .. You know. Die Wurst war’s.


I had high hopes for my second try. Organising a teamshoot again was very stressful, more than the first time, and it lasted until everyone was on set. Thirty minutes late. So I really can’t explain to you why I’m doing it for a third time this year. One simple rule I should shout out before anyone has the opportunity to accept an invitation: If you don’t really want to be there – don’t show up. I guess that with this announcement AND for the first time demanding € 20,00 for photos, editing, time, food ect. there is a chance that I might have the location to myself in June this year. It’s such a dilemma every time. I love bringing people (in this case my models) together, for new ones to meet the older ones, to have a relaxed day together at a nice place, being creative, taking photos, eating, maybe even planning future shoots. And on the other hand I feel depressed and exhausted. „Just“ because I feel like I was left out. I’d like to have a good time too, you know ..

I give away free time, I take more than 1000 photos on such a day, I bring food, I bring clothes, Make-Up and props, I edit those photos for more than ten nights .. Please don’t tell me that I’m not in the position to ask for a little something back. It’s not an materialistic thing. It’s punctuality and co-operation.

Please let me explain to you once more my personal understanding of a teamshoot, maybe you didn’t read my blogpost about my first teamshoot in 2013. The actual spirit of a “teamshoot” I would have loved, softly stroked my 14126994849_348a57b98a_k face during one of the very last minutes of this shoot. A little snapshot I took from four of my models, snapping a photo for facebook, instagram or whatever .. I felt like they truly had a bearable time, maybe even a good time. They were all smiling, some still wearing their outfits and big headpieces. And this was and still is my absolute utmost, most important goal for a teamshoot: making sure that everyone present has a good time. Sadly sometimes, well, let’s be honest, I often don’t have the feeling that people see the effort someone puts into the planning of such a big photoshoot, so that everyone can have a good time without me being depressed. And I’m so selfish that I myself would like to have a good time too. There are so many photographers, good photographers who give away they work for free, I feel like the value of such a photoshoot (which would cost one model up to € 800,00 a day, let’s be real) can’t be seen by a hobby-model, because they know that a lot of people also do this for free. Can’t be such an effort then, right? Sadly wrong.
I had the feeling that I somehow forced them to join this shoot, because of the lack of reliability I got back. Of course I didn’t. All of them joined this shoot voluntarily, some accepted the invitation pretty early, some pretty late. Like “if nothing better comes my way, I’ll be there.”
That’s really hurtful, I’m just going to say it.

PicMonkey Collages

All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

Again I had prepared food, cut vegetables, offered bread, dips, spread, chocolate pudding with cookies, rice pudding with berries .. I bought a lot of outfits too. I provided Make-Up.

Thanks again to Hany, (on facebook: Hany Phan) Johanna, (on facebook: Johanna Fischer), Jana and Sabrina, who made themselves flower crowns on location by scratch! Looked so beautiful.

The dilemma was that most of those models already knew each other, because of my shoots. From time to time there was a minute which was filled with great fun and laughter, and that (foolishly) let me ‚forget‘ the trouble I had for months. It’s not that I was depressed the whole day, I was not! But when I was at home again, starting to download and convert the photos, preparing them for nights of editing, I had a bad feeling. Almost like I was being exploited, you could say. People didn’t care if they were on time or not. They didn’t care months and weeks before to let me know if they were interested. They didn’t bring food, they didn’t ask to help. Just like always „collecting free photos“, doesn’t matter who takes them, „never look a gift horse in the mouth.“ Sounds really stupid in English, wow.
Am I asking too much? Maybe I truly am.

Maybe my perfect imagination of a teamshoot can only be fulfilled when those team members are friends, not only models. Crunchpoint. But it’s so hard to call people ‚models‘ when you partly see them more often than your actual friends. And I don’t want to „use“ my friends for photoshoots.

What I absolutely need to understand: A team is filled with people who understand the work you put in those things you do. A team is filled with people who don’t mind hanging out with other people for a day at a nice place, being 14138117728_0002bcf549_k there on time, chilling, taking photos, eating snacks .. People who don’t see this thing as a waste of time. Maybe a team, my team can’t be filled with more than five people. Maybe there’ll be another, new person who comes along in the future who’d love to join my team. Maybe it is me who decides who’ll join my team.
Let’s see how it’ll work out.

Thank you for reading.

– Woodmouse

(Sidenote: You don’t see people on those photos posted whom I call unreliable.)


I’m starting to write about this for the fifth time now. I don’t know if I should publish this the way I wrote it, so maybe it’ll disappear again at some point in the future. But well, this is my blog, this is about my photography and about the things that come with it. I also started to plan another teamshoot for this year, 2015. So the first two should be at least mentioned, I think.

It was at the beginning of 2013 when I had the idea to plan something I called „teamshoot.“ There should be more models than usual, and so I simply asked everybody I knew, if he or she would like to join me for a somehow different photoshoot. When I still had a facebook account, I also kept a little group where all of ‚my‘ models were present at this time. And I really mean ‚all‘, didn’t matter if I had met them only once before for a short shoot, or had known them for over a year. The chances that more than ten models would show up was rather high, but at the same time there was a big possibility that some people wouldn’t be really reliable, which sadly verified. But it struck me even more to learn that people whom I actually trusted enough and whom seemed (to me) to have a strong social streak, had failed me.

„Hindsight is easier than foresight“ would become my kind of lesson I would learn over and over the hard way. Well, anyway, let’s focus first on some facts about the photoshoot itself.8651684485_0b9a8fd00a_k

The theme I picked was „Black Lace“, hence the name above. For a couple of months I spent every cent I had on clothing that had some sort of black lace on it. I also tried out coloured smoke pellets for the first time, had other ‚clothing‘ items, for example a black lace crown, a black crinoline hoop skirt with matching item which ‚covers‘ ones shoulders, black lace bunny ears, some collars and some masks .. Everything was bought on Etsy and everything was handmade.

In my mind, a teamshoot was something like a very big photoshoot with a topic, matching outfits and the more models who’d join, the better. More creativity, more fun. A lot of those people already knew each other, and it was a possibility for new ones to meet the others. This was my main goal, and in my mind it all looked like a peaceful day, coming together for creating creative photos, chatting, eating, maybe planning new shoots .. I thought it would be simply wonderful and my anticipation consistently already jumped in joy months before, regarding this upcoming shoot. I’m straggling again.

All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art. Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

PicMonkey Collagen

We met on a saturday in April, 2013. A week before there was still snow, so we were lucky! Planning this shoot was so exhausting, I never tried out something like this before, and it prepared me a lot for upcoming shoots. Wasn’t a nice experience, but that’s just how it was, so I think I should mention it. I was happy with the results though, and the location was and still is one of my favourite locations, a forest around the corner from my old one room apartment.

I used my portable changing cabin for the first time, what a fun thing! Yeah, also bought it for this and upcoming shoots. Pops up in a second, great blue thing. I prepared food, cut vegetables like cucumbers, paprika, carrots, and bought tiny tomatoes. Bread was also offered, different dips, diced cheese, and spread. Everything bought by me.

I’m not sure, I have mixed feelings about this shoot. I feel like I should write about the shoot itself, but sadly the things I’m writing down are the only things I remember. Let’s see, the results were good, it was also the first shoot on which I used my brandnew Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the 50mm.

Thanks so much to Hany, („Hany Phan“ on facebook), Sabrina, Joann, („Joann Janin Model“ on facebook), Julia, who was actually sick but still showed up for one set, Nina, Jana (who still doesn’t have a fan page but should have one!)

And I think I’ll just leave it like that. A blogpost about my second teamshoot will be up soon too.

Thanks to you, for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse


Those days are rare, especially in winter. But when March slowly comes to an end, when there’s no snow left on the ground, when all those leaves and branches are being blown through the streets with this power of one element you can’t even try to grap ..

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this weather.
This heavy rain, raindrops drumming against all windows, strong winds.
And it’s not too cold, you can feel a hint of spring.
Those lightning strikes and roaring thunder.
It’s like freedom, it wakes up all the creativity inside you, it makes you feel.


I just took this photo because I wanted to capture this gloom, I didn’t inted to upload in on Flickr. or somewhere else. But now it suddenly became (to me) the most relaxing, most beautiful, most precious, most stating photo I have ever taken. Must sound really weird to you and yes, maybe it is.
I guess it seems like ’nothing‘ to any of you, and that’s totally fine.
But this photo captures what is deep inside me when I’m feeling utterly happy. That’s what it looks like. And I also guess that most of you find this weather horrible, those trees might look scary, it’s also maybe too dark, it may make you feel agitated .. For me it’s just pure life.

It’s showing me those labyrinths without and end, and those bouncing castles with little caves in it, with swings and trampolines, this massiv mansion made out of stone, all being there in the most beautiful and biggest forest you’ll ever come across.

„A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight,
and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.“

– Oscar Wilde

I will remember this day and someday think back to it.

– Woodmouse


Five days filled with photoshoots and so many locations and sets ..
Let’s get this started.

FIRST DAY was the 26th of August, 2014. We didn’t have much time left until the sun set, but we used one hour to shoot at a location I found completely by coincidence when driving by. The eastern graveyard in Munich is a wonderful place where we had a pretty fast photoshoot.
I went back home again with a full memory card and fully pleased.

All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

PicMonkey Collage

SECOND DAY was on the 28th of August, the longest and most successful photo day so far! Like always we met pretty early at the train station and went on by bus for about 40 minutes. But first we bought a box of six at Dunkin Donuts. I’ve never 14887338848_12025bd5a7_o tried them out before despite their colourful looks. It’s a very good thing to have a Sandra with you when buying something. Because she received six (!) coupons.  Just like that. Being beautiful truly has its perks. The first location was an old graveyard I’ve never been to before. What an awesome place! Nobody cared about us having a little shoot there, not even two old nuns who went by. The sun was shining through tall trees and I was so stoked by the results I saw on my little camera display.

PicMonkkey Collage

Like always when having a day filled with photos, someone needs a toilet at some point. And it was me. So we packed up again and strolled through the streets without knowing where to go. Didn’t matter, found a bakery slash ice cream shop where we of course got some ice cream. We sat outside behind a table with three people, a man and two women. Ugh.
„Ist dir eigentlich kalt?“ No more comments on that.16755065209_1bbdb5a9b6_k  The location was the Sendlinger-Tor-Platz in Munich, and we had three more sets to go. A fountain comes always in handy when you work with any kind of colour, and this time I had some black, liquid colour, especially usable on ones skin. Sandra of course didn’t hesitate and tried to fulfill my ‚directions‘ in the best way she could. It didn’t turn out exactly how I pictured it before, but the colour would had to be more fluider for that, so I still was happy with the outcome.

PicMonkey Cssollage

While cleaning her face in the fountain, I pulled out this black and turquoise wig I bought for about € 10,00. Hairs already started to fall out and this whole thing wasn’t really usable for any kind of „bigger“ shoot, but of course we tried it out for a 15073274052_5e23de6435_o few snapshots. Turquois looks nice on her, doesn’t it? At this point we already had worked for about five hours and we decided to go back to my place for the last set. Holi powder! But first we had to look for the right busstop. What a farce, it felt like we didn’t only walk through a few streets but whole wide Munich. Already tired but still dedicated to try out a set with Holi powder. Sandra had brought a couple of packages in every colour and I looove shoots with it. I wanted a darker backround for this theme, and the only place that roughly got a backround like imagined was by the staircase down to the appartments‘ cellars. A tiny place with stinking drain.

PicMonkey jCollage

Sandra tied up her hair to a loose bun, sat down in the corner and threw holi powder at her face. Professional. I really love the results, though I wish I could do something similar like this soon again. I would do a few things differently, regarding lighting. But this day was really successful, I had so many photos in storage and had a blast when editing them. A m a z i n g.

THIRD DAY had the motto: 60’s! And this time there were three of us! A photoshoot with my dreamteam, how lovely! Sandra and I met at my mothers‘ worplace for working on the Make-Up. Sandra came from an appointment at the hair dressers who, well. They did the job, but for the money Sandra paid it should have been better. Just sayin‘. But it was all fine and pretty when we went out and searched for a café or restaurant to get something to eat.

PicMonkey Collagel

Jenny wasn’t on location yet and so we decided to just start. We went around some houses and found a pretty little street. It was quite dark but still usable for some shots. The photo here is monochrom, but the dress was actually a light pink one. Hard decisions when editing. After about thirty minutes we went back again and sat down in a very tiny restaurant. And then we stood right up again after we had a look through the price list.
„Would you like to order?“
– „Umm, we have to find our friend first, she’s lost ..“

*Sandra with mobile on her ear, pretending to call Jenny ..* 15540328911_134c583632_h
Right when we went out of that restaurant Jenny approached us and we each politely but firmly grabbed one of her arms and quickly were beyond reach of that restaurant. Nah, we’re not embarrassing. But we still wanted to get something to eat, so we decided on another restaurant. Again, thanks so much for paying for my order. There was a very cute dog in there, watching us from time to time. Invigorated we finally went out and started our photo day.


It was a really great tour, we walked from place to place until we reached a church and a little pasture with red flowers. Perfect place, of course. Jenny was seated wonderfully beautiful in front of a bush with flowers, while Sandra placed herself in front of the churches‘ brick wall, holding a cute pink lollipop. At this point we somehow suddenly managed all at once to need a toilet very urgendly. And so the race began. Jenny hurried to some stores across the street while Sandra and I 16888684735_d523f2ff25_kpacked our stuff. Then we very tensely followed our vanished friend and found her coming out of a store, seeming relieved. But this guy owning this store wouldn’t let us all use his bathroom, and so we hurried on. After being expelled once more we finally found a bakery. Good, good, bakeries. Gotta love them. After that exciting adventure we just hopped on some random tram and hopped out again at a place with very massive fountain. Besides being stalked by a stranger with camera for a couple of minutes, we surprisingly had a very relaxing day in the city, they’re usually more ‚annoying‘ people. In the end we all went back to our meeting point, the train station and got ourselves some chocolate fruit. I must not forget to mention that the lady who sold us those delicious things waved us goodbye queen style! I guess she’s also secretly a freak inside. High five to that. I’ve had a great day and I really hope that we’ll be able to do this again soon, with another topic and a whole day full of photos.
I call days like that „best day ever.“

FOURTH DAY was a day in the forest, followed by a speed shoot at the lake.
It was the 5th of September. 15168810216_0c0b14709e_k A sky full of grey clouds welcomed us when we got out of the train in Eching, but it luckily didn’t start to rain. Packed again with too many outfits, Sandra bravely worked herself through A to Z. From wearing a red body on a deer stand, changing into an Alice inspired dress, fighting with some kind of bra which had rather large holes in it, to laying on the ground between tiny, fluffy caterpillars. Another good thing, having a Sandra with you, she’ll dare to touch those things without hesitation. Those Raupis were pretty cute though. We found a blue one and Sandra sat it next to the yellow one. Maybe they became pretty butterfly friends.

PicMonkey Collage

It didn’t rain all day and when we arrived at the lake the sun came out once more pretty strongly, which fittet perfectly to the mood I wanted to achieve. Summer! Some bikini action, some creepy dude watching us from the other side of the lake (with a spyglass of course) and after some rolling around in the sand and doing graceful jumps we called it a day.

FIFTH DAY took place at lake Chiem. I already uploaded a blogpost about this day, so I’m just going to put a series of three photos in this post which you haven’t seen before. If you’d like to read this blogpost, please click here.

PicMonkey Collagem

Wow, my longest post so far, I guess. Thank you sooo much for being such creative people. I don’t know what else to say but Thanks. Sandra ♥ Jenny
Don’t call me cheesy, but there’s a reason why we were put in the same school. There’s always a reason for anything, and I’m thankful for that.
And thank you for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse


No, not really underground, but under an old train staion. I’ve been there a couple of times in the past, but unlike other places, this location (to me) got boring. Plus they’re always some other photographers with their models, and those looks they give each other kill the mood. If looks could talk. „What are you doing here, I’m the professional one at this location ..“ The last time I’ve been there was with Johanna for a Halloween phoshoot in October 2013. It’s usually pretty hard to take photos down there, because of the lack of natural lighting. But it was a sunny day and we had a fun little zombie party without caring about some comments we got from another team ..
„Macht ihr Voodoo?“

PicMonkey Collageö

We met in front of a shopping center where Johanna had bought a doll for kids before we 10411015334_9c48edddde_kwent on to the location. Also, she did such a great job with doing her make-up all alone, and she put in some completely black contacts so I couldn’t look her in the eyes anymore without getting creeped out. We used coloured smoke, Johanna picked up and dragged some scrap towards the camera in full zombie gear, blew up a lilo and put a white sheet on it where she laid down between some bushes after smearing fake blood on her face .. I especially like how the smoke made those single sunbeams on the second photo more visible. In the end she burned that poor doll which stank like something vile coming straight from hell. We basically just had a really productive day down there!

It’s been a while since my last photoshoot with Johanna, (almost a year) she’s pretty busy, though I hope she might find a free day for new photos sometime soon again. Verlass.

Thank you for reading! ( :

– Woodmouse


A photoshoot that took place not long ago, at the end of February. My dearest Kamil wanted to try out something for a photoshoot including pink tulips, so he brought some to the set, along with a couple of fake butterflies. Jenny, like always, did an amazing job with hair and make-up, even though the pink hair chalks didn’t really stay visible in Kamil’s hair after he brushed it for thirty minutes. Anyway, it was a freezing cold day 11073753_474111929424622_1737950620_nand so we met, like so often, at the Botanical Garden in Munich. Another rather unlucky day, because those rooms inside were again filled with people and we had to pay a bit more than usual. Didn’t matter, regarding the results. Unknowing that Kamil sat behind me in the tram we then greeted each other when getting out and met our third party member in the little bathroom for handicapped people, our super secret high class meeting spot. A place where nobody disturbs neither model nor make-up artist besides some little children that try to slide open the heavy door from time to time. (No, we didn’t occupy this place for actual handicapped people, don’t worry.)
After Kamil was all styled and ready to go, we didn’t even bother to look for a deserted place to shoot, so we directly went outside where icecold wind blew at our faces and followed us.

PicMonkey Collage

All photos seen on this blog are © by Woodmouse Art.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

When walking around outside through snow and slush, we noticed with much joy (not) that every single little place that would look great on a photo as a backround was closed off. Well .. So we first used a stone on which Kamil sat down, posing with a pink butterfly. The result I’m talking about is the third photo on the collage. He just looks awesome all the time and poses different every second. What a pro. And then I really wanted to have a wooden, black door as a backround. And for what having a sneaky assistant, my very own little Miss Woodcock? For unlocking the closed off area by removing a simple metal chain. Kamil and I went up a few steps, where he then posed in front of this door, again with a butterfly, looking gorgeous. When we heard some weird sound from above our heads, we casually walked back down again those few feet and went away like nothing happened. Until then Kamil’s tulips weren’t used yet and so we went inside again one more time where Kamil laid down on the floor with the tulips around his head, me standing on a stone above him. Looks really dreamy, I think.

Thank you two so much for not letting me do stupid *cough* illegal *cough* things alone. ♥
And thanks for being so professional! (Ha, wrong time for saying that)
I love you two sweethearts, thanks so much! 


And thank you for reading. ( :

– Woodmouse